Darwin 9 July 3, 2008

If you are trying to build projects for Darwin 9, there are a few tips you should know about to help:

  • Install darwinbuild from the trunk of our subversion repo. We have added some basic support for Xcode 3.0 and Leopard to it that has not made it into an “official” release.
  • Store your build environments on a UFS partition (disk images work for this). There is a problem with xcodebuild when running in a chroot on certain filesystems, like HFS+. Other filesystems might also work. You know you’ve hit this problem if your build errors out immediately with “cannot find xcode project”.
  • Building or loading the CF project will populate your environment with CF-Lite. This will cause problems for xcodebuild. During the installXcode phase, Darwinbuild will grab a copy of your Host’s CF, and thats the CF you should use to run xcodebuild (since it also comes from your Host).